"One of the highest ranking instructors outside of Japan"
Inside Karate Magazine (USA)

" Few competitors can compare with Campbell's record of impressive victories in the most prestigious international competitions"
Karatedo Magazine (Japan)

"Sensei Grant Campbell's Karate is the greatest thing I've ever done for my children. The experience has changed their lives in so many ways, I am grateful"
BA,  Hollywood, Florida

"We feel fortunate to have found such a high quality program and feel it is an honor to study under a true Master in the art of Karate"
JP,  Emerald Hills

"Through your tutelage of "Old Style" Karate teachings and ways, my child has grown tremendously in all areas. This same focus has allowed him to improve his schoolwork, performance at home and get along better with others"
RH , Ft. Lauderdale

"There is not enough that we could possibly say to express the satisfaction and gratitude that we have for  what our two children are learning from Grant Campbell,Sensei.
LM , W. Palm Beach

" As a physician, I realize the importance of discipline and proper training. I did my research before getting involved and I checked out many of the so-called schools for martial arts. I feel that Grant Campbell's USA Karate is the finest school my child possibly could attend in this or any other area"
RS , Miami

"Having achieved even just Black Belt in this school was like graduating from the "Harvard" of martial arts schools"
FG,  New York