"Martial Arts is what we do!"

A word about the costs.

In general, our tuition prices are similar to other reputable martial arts schools across the nation. What separates us from other training centers or schools and makes us unique is the qualifications of our teacher and the quality of the instruction. Children are our specialty.

Why do we offer a free trial lesson?

In the case of martial arts schools, the best way to determine if a school is appropriate or suitable for your needs is to visit the school and take part in a class. This allows you to inspect the facility and to insure that you or your children will be able to reach your goals through the training offered. No legitimate school will object to your viewing a beginner's session.

Asking or comparing the price of classes is the worst method of evaluating a school. Although cost is important, value is far more significant. The dangers of selecting a cheap school outweigh the advantages of the lower price. Inferior qualifications, unsafe or unsuitable facilities and inappropriate business practices are more likely to be experienced. If the price is very low, there's probably a reason for it.

The instructor's qualifications are of primary importance. Merely attaining a Black Belt (advanced student level) is not indicative of teaching expertise and the training in a martial art as a student does not necessarily include proper teaching methodology or preparation of beginning students.

Our school is the South Florida areas only fulltime martial arts school lead by an internationally respected authority on the martial arts. Over the past 20 years we have produced thousands of students that are outstanding examples of the many benefits of our programs.